Building a Healthy Wiki

A successful wiki is a site to behold. It is a living, breathing repository of knowledge that is tended to and expanded by its users. Many wikis will never see that fate, instead living out their lives long on potential but short on success. The largest culprits for this fate are often the planners themselves, having gotten caught up in the hype and not touching down to earth before the launch.

A wiki, like any other user supported application, seeks to obtain a “critical mass” in order to be a successful collaboration. That critical mass is a balance between what information users get out of visiting it, and what they are willing to leave behind.

Here are some of the guidelines for getting beyond the buzzword and into the productivity.

Focused Subject Matter

A wiki needs to be about something.  Simply instituting a wiki for “our office” or some other generalized idea that lacks a specific function is not going to be successful.  Without a specific purpose a wiki is just a buzzword.  Like all Web 2.0 material a wiki is an application, not a website.  It is in effect a computer program that allows people to come together and easily create a repository of knowledge about a subject.
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Wiki Security

Security Fundamentals: Prepare Your Wiki


This discussion will be both the most important and also the least technical. It is very important that planners and technical operators not skip over it in order to jump into the discussion of the technologies used in securing the wiki. This discussion provides the foundation on which all security discussions will depend.

As is the case with most questions of IT security, the most effective dose of protection is to properly plan how the application will be used in advance. Operating a safe wiki becomes much easier if both the administrators and users realize its benefits and limitations before launch.

A wiki is a system that is by definition open. Most if not all of its operational benefits come from the ease at which content can be added and subtracted, and the wide audiences that can participate in the process. The wiki is not a Content Management System or secure shared work space – although it can effectively and easily distribute files, images, and documents. The wiki is not a business messaging system – although it quickly and thoroughly distributes messages.
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Ray Kurzweil: How technology’s accelerating power will transform us

This is an extremely interesting talk given by all around genius Ray Kurzweil. He examines the forward march of technology and tells us that while you can never predict what dot com company will do what, there are some metrics that can be very accurately predicted. Evidently advances in technology have been marching to a very regular and rhythmic drum beat.

Next stop: Skynet.

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