So I have a blog.  What is the world coming to?  Also coming soon to my neighborhood: popped collars and Soulja Boy.

I hope to use this site to do two things:

  1. Document the work that I am doing that revolves around Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, and various other broad and muddled marketing phrases as well.  I currently work on a Federal Government web development contract, and we are trying to get ourselves into the discussion of the application of Web 2.0 on .gov sites.  What I write here is not work product or anything specific about the contract I am on, but rather the end result of spending a lot of time thinking about Web 2.0 and its uses.
  2. Observe trends in Web technology: new companies, new products, various smart and interesting people.

One disclaimer: I have no design skills whatsoever.  When mocking the look and feel of the site, do so in ways that are specific so I can, ya know, steal your design ideas.

A portfolio is here: http://www.schwartzlink.net/portfolio/


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