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Github: A few lonely repos at the moment – working on moving things there as I have time.


Mobile 101: A Modern Mobile Web Presence

This presentation was given at the Fall 2010 EPA Web Workgroup in Chicago. The presentation was a high level overview of the mobile web space and mobile development options.

With the public increasingly accessing the web from mobile devices, it has never been more important for government agencies to establish an effective mobile presence. Mobile 101 will be a high level overview of mobile web development. Topics covered include a roadmap through the development of mobile websites, as well as the development process, benefits, and “gotchas” of iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps.

Open Data 101: Web Development in an Era of Open Data

This presentation was given at the Spring 2010 EPA Web Workgroup conference in RTP North Carolina.  The presentation gives a high level overview of open data technologies and use cases.

Strategic Web 2.0 Development: Delivering a Success

This presentation was given at the Fall 2008 EPA Web Workgroup conference in Seattle, Washington.  The presentation focuses on practical ways for web owners to use the Web 2.0 infrastructure available at EPA.  Topics include:

  • An examination of the characteristics of successful blogs and wikis
  • Planning to be done prior to development
  • Ways in which not to use blogs and wikis
  • Technical pitfalls to avoid

Collaborative Tools: Now and in a Web 2.0 World

This presentation was given at the Spring EPA Web Workgroup conference in Washington, DC.  It is an examination of the various collaborative tools that are available to EPA employees and then explores the role that Web 2.0 technologies will play in the future.  Topic covered include:

  • IBM Lotus collaborative tools
  • Oracle Portal and Collaboration Suite
  • GoToMeeting
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

Web Projects

I will attach pages that I have worked on here as I remember to.  Sites listed here are personal projects.  A good deal of the sites that I work on in my professional life are either behind a firewall or have my contributions completely intertwined with 15 other people’s.

WP GMappity

WPGMappity is a free and open source WordPress plugin that allows you to easily insert Google Maps into your posts.  Unlike other plug-ins that require the use of XML data or JavaScript coding, building your map is accomplished completely in a WYSIWYG web form inside of WordPress.  The form functions just like the media upload forms where you add images and attachments to your posts.

WPGMappity Google Map Builder

Maverick or McBush: The McCain Voting Record in the 110th Congress

This site was a combination of two projects: experimenting with JQuery and wanting to learn more about election issues.  It was built in the early summer of 2008 when discussion of McCain’s voting record was much the rage.  The site maps his votes to President Bush’s positions and provides links to further examine the topics.


Justin and Tim’s Excellent Adventure

Two good friends of mine have embarked on a biking trip across Central America and I threw together a WordPress instance to let them report back to their friends and families when they find Internet Cafes.  The site is a pretty standard WordPress blog with a few bells and whistles.  I constructed a custom plug-in to allow them to plot their location on a Google Map when they author a post.  The plug-in geocodes the location and then allows them to manage their entered locations.  Then I constructed a shortcode that harvests the plotted locations and plots their route on a map along with any available post information when a location in clicked.


The Map: http://justinandtimsexcellentadventure.com/?page_id=210

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