WPGMappity: Google Maps for WordPress

Point, Click, Map

Need to build a Google Map outside of WordPress?  No problem: Google Map Builder by WPGMappity.

WPGMappity is a free and open source WordPress plugin that allows you to easily insert Google Maps into your posts.  Unlike other plug-ins that require the use of XML data or JavaScript coding, building your map is accomplished completely in a WYSIWYG web form inside of WordPress.  The form functions just like the media upload forms where you add images and attachments to your posts.

Features that are supported in the current release of WPGMappity include:

  • Add Markers
  • Markers with custom icon graphics
  • Routes
  • Map Size
  • Zoom Level
  • Map Center
  • Map Type (normal, satellite, hybrid)
  • Map Alignment in your post
  • Allow clicking markers to open a Google Maps HTML window with text and links

You can read more about using the plugin at the links below:

If you find WP GMappity useful I’d ask you please take a second of your time to rate it on the WordPress.org site

You can download WPGMappity here: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-gmappity-easy-google-maps.0.6.zip

Try it Out Below!

Below is a functioning example of WPGMappity’s WYSIWYG editor that is used to build Google Maps for your posts.  The “Sample Map” at the top of the frame shows your progress as you are building, and the controls underneath allow you to customize your map and add features.  You can read more about the functionality on the Using WPGMappity page.

Translations of this page:

  • French (thanks to Bishop in the comments below)
2 comments on “WPGMappity: Google Maps for WordPress
  1. Tom says:

    great plugin. Go on!

  2. Ian Jones says:

    Very useful plugin with nice & simple features. thank you….

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